Vanilla Vida

Vanilla Vida produces natural vanilla beans with novel precision agriculture protocols, maximizing yield and providing new vanilla flavor and fragrance possibilities.

Inspired by nature, driven by technology, starting with vanilla.

Oren Zilberman

Co-founder and CEO

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor regardless of culture? Did you also know that 80% of all vanilla sold is synthetic, generally made from an oil or lab-developed chemical compound?

Vanilla Vida grows natural vanilla in climate-controlled zero carbon footprint greenhouses. Their novel growing protocols ensure increasing yields and dramatically reducing risk for plant diseases.

The company established a first of its kind data-driven indoor curing facility, where their use image processing technology at a single bean level to maximize each bean's full aroma potential and achieve the most vanillin-concentrated vanilla bean in the market.

Using patented curing (drying) technology the company is also altering the metabolism of vanilla beans to enhance specific sensory profiles by demand. This core technology can be implemented in more crops.

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