Everytable serves affordable, fresh, and healthy grab-and-go meals for everyone, everywhere.

Making fresh, nutritious food accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Sam Polk


Everytable serves healthy grab-and-go meals — salads and hot plates — through stores, smart fridges in offices, and as subscriptions in Los Angeles and New York City. The meals are prepared fresh daily in the central kitchen, from scratch, using quality ingredients.

Everytable's business model drastically reduces the costs of the standard restaurant model, allowing them to offer fresh, wholesome meals at affordable prices in affluent neighborhoods and even lower prices in lower-income areas.

Limited access to affordable, healthy food can lead to shorter life spans and an increased risk of health and developmental issues, particularly among lower-income populations. In the United States, 18% of the population lacks access to healthy food alternatives.

If cheap fast food could provide healthier options than what is currently available, food-related illnesses would decrease significantly. In 2020, the UN's State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report called for a transformation of food systems to reduce the cost of nutritious food and increase its accessibility. Everytable's innovative approach is a step in the right direction, working to make healthy food options available and affordable for all.

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