NewLeaf Symbiotics

NewLeaf has pioneered a unique family of microbes, leading the way for agricultural innovation that benefits growers and their soil.

Pioneering microbes to unlock healthier plants and higher yields

Brent Smith

CEO and President

NewLeaf Symbiotics’ mission is to develop science-led and science-proven technologies that help farmers around the world feed a growing population more sustainably. As Champions of Pink Performance, NewLeaf has spent over a decade researching and developing agricultural biological products derived from pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs), a family of microbes found in every plant on the planet. By working with specific PPFM strains, NewLeaf has developed biostimulants that increase yields for various crops, as well as a bioprotection technology shown to repel corn rootworm. The company continues to research and develop products for new crops and pests, as well as novel technologies for nitrogen use efficiency and methane reduction.

PPFM technology supports growers and the planet by increasing yields while decreasing the use of inputs like fertilizers and water and reducing emissions from crop production. NewLeaf Symbiotics contributes to an agricultural system that benefits growers, meets people's needs, and reduces planetary boundary pressure.

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