Planted is changing how we eat with its juicy, tender, plant-based, and clean-label alternatives to meat.

Saving the world one bite at a time

Lukas Böni, Christoph Jenny, Judith Wenner, Pascal Bieri


Planted combines proprietary structuring and fermentation technologies to produce meat from plant proteins, focusing on delicious taste, meaty and juicy texture, while only using clean ingredients. Planted designs and structures its meat in any size, shape, and fibrous texture and is driven by the conviction that they will outperform animal meat in the future in terms of taste, sustainability, health, efficiency and price. Committed to using only clean ingredients and no additives in all its products, Planted is setting a completely new standard in the plant-based meat category, making it a healthy and sustainable choice for all. Truly better than meat from animals.  

A growing population along with increasing life expectancy and incomes are major drivers for the rise in global meat demand. However, the current scale of the animal meat industry is beyond unsustainable. Planted wants to change that. The Zurich-based FoodTech spin-off from the Swiss Technical Institute of Technology (ETH) was founded in 2019 and was quick to build intellectual property around their technological approach, currently holding several patents.

Planted’s principal meat production is in a glass-house production facility in Kemptthal (Zurich) Switzerland -the first transparent meat production open to the public.

Planted meats are available in over 5000 restaurants and more than 6000 retail outlets across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, UK and BeNeLux as well as over its own Europewide webshop. The Planted meat ranges, each consisting of different protein sources (peas, oat, sunflowers), currently include planted.chicken, planted.pulled, planted.kebab, planted.schnitzel and planted.bratwurst. In addition, there are various limited editions in close collaboration with star chefs such as Tim Raue, Nenad Mlinarevic or Sebastian Copien. However, rest assured, the science driven team is hungry for change and working hard to revolutionize the food chain in Planted's factory and science labs in Switzerland.

Animal agriculture and overall food production account for 25% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while 99% of animals in factory farms live with little to no animal welfare protection. Furthermore, 80% of global antibiotics are administered to animals in factory farming, contributing to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

If the world achieves the target of just 11% alternative protein usage versus traditional proteins by 2035, the reduction of 0.85 gigatons of CO2e worldwide/year would offset the emissions from the entire global airline industry. By offering plant-based alternatives, Planted plays a crucial role in reducing GHG emissions and promoting a more sustainable future.

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