Pow.bio’s high-efficiency fermentation platform decouples growth and production, solving the problems of contamination and genetic drift.

Continuous fermentation multi-fold productivity without contamination or drift

Shannon Hall, Brian Lee, and Ouwei Wang

The dynamic trio leading Pow.bio

Pow.bio’s goal is to unlock the economic viability of sustainable biomade products by significantly driving down the high costs associated with biomanufacturing. The simple fact is that synthetic biology companies today are unable to manufacture products at a price that can displace unsustainable petrochemical or animal derived alternatives. The market impact of these biomade products is estimated to reach $4T by 2040. But until we are able to produce biomaterials at (or below) cost parity to their commodity counterparts, only the most expensive biomade products will ever be commercially viable - limiting the sustainable impact of such a promising technology.

Integrated within the Pow.bio system is an intelligent AI-controlled software known as SOFe, that accelerates process optimization and will drive autonomous operation. The one-two punch of its advanced hardware and intelligent software drives 5x gains in productivity for a fraction of the capital expense of traditional systems.

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