Transformative impact investing

We invest in entrepreneurs who scale solutions to reverse the food system’s pressure on our planetary boundaries while ensuring an ethical foundation for everyone.

We believe in paradigm shifts, not incremental solutions

Our cheap calories come at a steep price. With the population growth there is an increasing number of mouths to feed. Still, food production is already the primary contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, loss of species, and soil degradation. The equation doesn’t add up, but it’s solvable.

Bold entrepreneurs with transformative innovations have started the redesign of our food system into a biodiverse carbon sink feeding the billions with nutritious food. The outcome is resilience, regeneration, and abundance. We invest in category defining companies driving the reformation of the global food system.

Our investment focus areas

Sustainable supply chains

Revalorize resources in shorter and circular supply chains that minimize lost nutrients, material, and energy.

Healthy diets

Revitalize health with nutritious, delicious, and personalized diets that prevent disease.

Sustainable proteins and fats

Rethink where delicious, economically scalable, and resource-efficient food comes from.

Healthy soils

Redesign farming techniques to improve our soils' capacity, health, and productivity.

We partner with entrepreneurs creating the regenerative era

Our Impact Report

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