Mission Barns

Mission Barns makes real meat without harm, using cultivators that mimic the animals' bodies.

Real meat without the animal

Mission Barn’s products contain real meat without harming a single animal. A harmless fat sample is taken from a happy and free-roaming pig and placed in a cultivator mimicking the natural growing conditions of the pig’s body. The sample is then fed with plant-based nutrients allowing it to grow in the same way it would have in a well-fed pig. After two weeks, it’s harvested and combined with plant-based protein and turned into deliciously sustainable bacon, meatballs, and sausages.

Animal factories generate more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation combined and are a major driver of deforestation, waterway pollution, antibiotic resistance, and animal-borne diseases. It’s also a highly inefficient protein source that makes up 77% of all agricultural land, generating only 18% of the world’s calories. 

Throughout history, the only way to eat meat has been to take the life of an animal. Now for the first time, we can cultivate meat without harming a single animal. With cultivated meat, just one animal—living freely—has the potential to feed millions. Since Mission Barns doesn’t rely on raising animals for slaughter, they dramatically reduce the land, water, and fertilizer use required compared to conventional meat. Also, since their products are grown in a sterile environment, there’s no risk of foodborne illnesses or need for antibiotics. 

Mission Barns aims to convert conventional meat-eaters who’s been reluctant to switch to sustainable meat alternatives due to lacking taste or texture. This demographic will be key to shifting away from animal factory farming at scale, which could save 80 billion animals from suffering in factory farming settings every year and reduce GHG emissions from food production by up to 50%. Today, the US market share for alternative meat is only 1.4% compared to alternative dairy at 16%, which we believe is due to a lack of taste and texture of existing meat alternatives. Mission Barns can bridge that taste gap.

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