The Mediterranean Food Lab

The Mediterranean Food Lab ferments game-changing flavor ingredients to unlock the sustainable protein transition.

Unlocking the sustainable protein transition with fermentation

BZ Goldberg and Yair Yosefi


MFL uses a unique Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) process to transform food ingredients such as agricultural commodities, upcycled agro-industrial waste and side-streams into valuable, plant-based, natural, clean-label, and radically delicious flavors for Food Service and CPG companies. MFL’s unique innovation process is driven by the culinary insights of a team of world-class chefs working with leading scientists and technologists.

MFL can mimic complex flavors, usually only found in meat, which allows their customers to improve the taste of plant-based meat alternatives, accelerating the sustainable protein shift.

Reduced consumption of animal-based foods has a significant and direct improvement on Animal Welfare as the demand for animal factory farms is reduced, GHG Emissions as animal factory farming is one of the main sources of GHG emissions in the food system, Land Use, and Nitrogen Applications - as less land is needed to grow plants to feed to animals.

Since MFL can use upcycled side streams as input, they can also reduce food loss with a further positive impact on GHG Emissions, Land Use, and Nitrogen Applications because less food loss will reduce agricultural expansion.

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