Nathalie Öhlander

Investment Manager

Nathalie is an investment manager at Re:food, and a happy vegan.

She started her career in corporate finance at SEB before moving on to private equity at Cinder Invest.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Gothenburg and a Master’s from the Erasmus School of Economics.

Nathalie loves numbers and finance but thinks that the industry often misses great opportunities in their attempts to maximize short-term profits. At Re:food, she can use her background in finance to enable sustainable financial development.

Her “top-threes” are:

  • Books: The Power of Now, The Myth of Normal and Eating animals
  • Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Erin Brockovich, and Harry Potter
  • Activities: Yoga and meditation, horseback riding, and eating a matcha cookie at Pepstop in Stockholm

“I get genuinely excited about products that have a net positive impact on the climate, human health, and animal welfare without compromising on the consumer experience.”


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