We are Re:food

We are a for-profit, evergreen investment firm on two continents helping entrepreneurs solve the most pressing food system challenges for future generations.

We have invested in the green transition of the food system since 2015 and have more than two decades of work experience in leading roles in the food industry.

Edward Arthy

Senior Investment Manager
Ed is a senior investment manager based in Boston.

Lena Horvath McAtee

Investment Manager
Lena is an investment manager and our head of sustainability based in our San Francisco office.

Nathalie Öhlander

Investment Manager
Nathalie is an investment manager based in Stockholm, and a happy vegan.

Eric-Alan Rapp

Venture Partner
Eric-Alan is an experienced venture partner, based in Denmark.

Björn Mullaart

Senior Legal Counsel
Björn joined Re:food as our senior legal counsel after thirty years as a commercial lawyer at top law firms.

Marith Welin Berger

Legal Counsel
Marith is Re:food’s legal counsel with a background from one of the top law firms.

Daniel Nyander

Finance and Valuation Manager
Daniel is Re:food’s finance and valuation manager, with a background from PwC.

Ulf Gezelius

Head of Financial Strategy
Ulf is head of financial strategy at Re:food, with an extensive background in corporate finance.

Therese Segerberg

Chief Operating Officer
Therese is the chief operating officer at Re:food.

Nina Lee

Team Assistant
Nina is the Re:food team assistant and event manager.

Peter Odemark

Managing Partner
Peter co-founded Re:food with Gustaf in 2020 and is the managing partner.

Gustaf Brandberg

General Partner
Gustaf is one of the three brothers behind Gullspång Invest and co-founded Re:food with Peter in 2020.